Down at the sewage farm

CSE volunteers take a trip to see how energy is made from waste

15 April 2016

Our volunteers do so much for us and we’re immensely grateful. So from time to time we organise something to show our appreciation. What better way to do this than, er, a trip to see a big tank of Bristol’s sewage?

Yesterday afternoon, 17 volunteers and our Heather and Shareen visited GENeco – a waste-to-energy energy plant in Avonmouth on the Severn Estuary. They had a tour of the facility and learned how sewage and food waste from Bristol and the surrounding area is collected, processed and converted by anaerobic digestion to produce renewable energy (biogas), soil conditioners and nutrient-rich fertilisers.

Here’s a fun fact: biogas from this plant is used to fuel Bristol’s 'poo bus' which made national media when it hit the streets in November 2014. There are plans to build a new refuelling station at GENeco to power a whole sustainably fuelled fleet. Read more in these articles from the Guardian and BBC.

You can learn more about how anaerobic digestion works in the film below.

And for an example of its application at the community scale, watch this…

'Smelly, but extremely interesting' was the overall consensus on this occasion.

A big thanks to GENeco for such an engaging tour.

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