Film: How to control your digital central heating programmer

It’s a great time of year to experiment with the settings

14 April 2016

It's nearly the time of year when the central heating goes off for its spring and summer holiday. But before that happens, why not play with your heating programmer to see if you can master the controls? Afterall, you're not going to freeze your socks off if you get it wrong.

We've made a short video that explains the functions and programme types on a typical digital programmer. Even if yours isn't quite like this, it'll help you understand what the buttons do.

Lots of digital models have two or three heating periods that you can set so that the system is on at the times you're in. Making the most of these will stop you wasting energy and money heating an empty space, and you'll always wake up and return to a nice warm home.

If you have a conventional boiler with a hot water storage tank, your programmer probably controls when this is heated too. You'll still need hot water through the warmer months. The video will show you how to set your programmer to heat the water you need, perhaps for a couple of hours morning and evening.

Heating already off? Bookmark this and we'll be sure to jog your memory when systems are flicked on again in autumn.

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