New tool to assess health impacts of fuel poverty schemes

Scheme providers can better evaluate affordable warmth initiatives

14 April 2016

A new toolkit is available to help local organisations assess what difference their fuel poverty schemes make to the health and wellbeing of target users.

It’s called the Affordable warmth & health impact evaluation toolkit, and has been developed by CSE’s research team in partnership with the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).  Oversight has been provided by experts in the fields of health and evaluation from the Department for Health, Public Health England and a range of front line delivery organisations.

Download the Affordable warmth & health impact evaluation toolkit here.

Senior Researcher Nicky Hodges led the work at CSE. She said: “This is a useful tool to show whether improvements in people’s health are linked to the interventions they’ve been offered.”

“Schemes at the local level are very diverse so we’ve built flexibility into the tool to deal with this. We hope that this tool with help organisations demonstrate the contribution their scheme makes to people's health and wellbeing,” she added.

This toolkit stemmed from conversations with local groups, who said that though they knew evaluation to be a useful and powerful way to validate what they were doing, they didn’t always have the resources or expertise to carry it out – the toolkit should help change that.

Any evaluations will add to the growing body of evidence around the health impacts of living in a cold home, making it easier for organisations to access funding.

It is free to use and does not require any specific expertise. Please share your experiences using this toolkit and any suggestions to improve it.

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