Technology to transform the energy system

CSE responds to Energy and Climate Change Committee inquiry

1 April 2016

The House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee is seeking ideas for “disruptive innovations” in the energy sector, including the potential of technology to transform existing market structures. It is asking for written submissions, and also for 30 second videos which will be shared on social media using the hashtag #NewEnergyTech.

Here's CSE's contribution to the search for a disruptive innovation ...

Our proposed technological innovation is fully digital and very cheap. It can also be controlled through the power of thought via full integration with the human nervous system.

Yet it's a technology that energy system engineers often ignore and which economists fail to include in their cost-benefit analyses.

Joking aside, it is good to see this kind of innovation by a House of Commons Select Committee, and CSE is hoping to make a further contribution to debate on transforming existing market structures soon. 

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