‘More ambition and long term objectives required’

Energy and Climate Change Committee report draws on CSE evidence

14 March 2016

"The Government must do much more to reduce consumer energy bills by improving the energy efficiency of new and existing homes."

That’s the view of the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee whose report Home energy efficiency and demand reduction was published on Saturday, 12 March.

To support its conclusions, the report draws frequently on evidence given to the Committee by CSE's Chief Executive Simon Roberts in a two hour session at the end of last year.

The Committee, led by Angus MacNeil MP, calls on the Government to promptly establish "adequate policies with long-term, ambitious objectives, which restore confidence to the [energy efficiency] industry," noting that "the UK housing stock is amongst the least energy efficient in the developed world."

Simon is pleased that the Committee has put down a strong marker on home energy efficiency.

"The call for a long term objectives echoes the evidence of CSE and many others that householders and building companies need a much stronger sense of the direction and speed of travel in improving Britain’s inefficient housing stock. We’re pleased that the Committee has recognised the need to move on from short-term grant pots and complicated obligations to a more comprehensive long-term strategy." he said.

"DECC’s ministers should feed this directly and quickly into their policy thinking as they follow through on their intention to overhaul Green Deal and other failed programmes."

You can read a House of Commons transcript of the session that includes Simon’s oral evidence to the Energy and Climate Change Committee here.

And you can even watch Simon on ParliamentLive.TV here.

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