Re-branded materials for your organisation

Widening the reach of our popular energy-advice leaflets

16 February 2016

Advice leaflets from CSE's popular series can be re-branded for organisations who wish to use them for their own clients, customers, tenants etc. It's a service we offer (for a fee, of course) in order to make our material more widely available.

There are around 50 leaflets in the series – covering everything from lighting to loft insulation and central heating controls to solar PV – but most organisations limit themselves to around ten. You can see the full range of leaflets here.

"To date, we have made versions of these leaflets for community groups, local authorities, housing associations and bodies such as the National Trust," said Tim Weisselberg, CSE's Head of Communications. "The benefit to these organisations is that they get quality materials that carry their own branding and contact details without having to reinvent the wheel. The benefit to us is that we promote our charitable purpose and share our expertise."

Some of the leaflets have been downloaded from this website over 10,000 times over the past 12 months – so we know they're popular!

Could your organisation use a series of energy advice leaflets? To find out more about what we offer, and details of costs and run-in times, contact

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