Thousands of views of home heating films

Our advice videos prove popular during cold snap

16 February 2016

We feel like we’ve shouted ourselves hoarse about our two recent films on home heating controls, but the viewing figures show just how much they’re needed – especially now that we’re experiencing some of this winter’s coldest weather.

Both films were made in-house. They are presented by Anna Watts, filmed by Tim Weisselberg and edited by Cat McLaughlin.

Our 2-minute guide to using your night storage heater has had 13,500 views since it was published last summer, and is currently clocking up around 100 a day.

"We're not surprised that the film is popular," said Anna. "Night storage heaters are not intuitive to use, and without instructions it's not obvious what the two dials do, or when to turn them up or down over the course of a day to make best use of them."

Night storage heaters are fairly common in rented properties, so this is definitely one for sharing around social housing, landlord and tenant networks.

Our second new release, ‘How to use your central heating programmer’, has clocked up over 1,500 in two months. This film explains how to use a mechanical (i.e. a non-digital) timer to set your heating to come on and off automatically twice a day.

"Getting the hang of these controls means you can set your heating to sync with your routine" says Anna, "so your heating will come when you wake up in the morning, switch off when you go to work, and turn on again shortly before you get home - and you won’t waste money heating an empty building. It's about convenience, comfort and saving energy."

Both films, and about 80 others, are on our YouTube channel. You can subscribe to our channel to be alerted to new films we upload.

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