Health and cold homes service in Wiltshire

New single point of contact to support healthcare patients

14 January 2016

People living in cold homes in Wiltshire can now get help from a whole host of organisations through a single point of contact. This is in line with NICE guidance on cold homes that recommends that the health service has a single place to make referrals for local residents who need help to make their homes warmer and healthier.

“It is really great to be meeting the NICE guidance recommendations in Wiltshire," said CSE’s Phillip Morris. "What is even better is that we are doing this in partnership with the council’s public health team, and implementing systems that ensure making cold homes referrals become a normal part of the everyday role of health and other outreach staff."

With funding from the British Gas Energy Trust, the project will run for one year. However, to enable the service to continue beyond this, we are building on the existing Warm and Safe energy advice service that is run by Wiltshire Council in partnership with the fire service. All enquiries relating to cold homes support can be directed to Warm and Safe, and will be picked up by either Erica Planer, a senior energy advisor at CSE who is based in the council's Trowbridge offices, or a member of the council's own team. Advice will be available on home energy issues and the team can link people with organisations for help with other issues like debt or home safety.

Another focus of the project is to meet the NICE recommendation for health professionals to consider the warmth (or otherwise) of a patient’s home when they’re discharged from hospital. CSE have been training  'Home from Hospital' staff to spot patients who would benefit from help and to make referrals.

We’re also seeking enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to help deliver the outreach work across Wiltshire connected with the energy advice part of the service. This will involve working with vulnerable people – often elderly or disabled – on home visits, at advice stalls and local group events. Interested? You can find out more here.

Read about our efforts to implement the NICE guideline on cold homes in Bristol.

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