Improvements made to our fuel poverty calculator

Upgrade is already proving popular

11 January 2016

Recent improvements to our fuel poverty calculator make it an even more useful tool with which to determine whether an individual household is in fuel poverty.

The calculator works with both the '10% definition' of fuel poverty (according to which fuel poverty is officially measured in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and the 'Low Income High Costs' definition as used in England since 2013.

The tool has proved popular since we made it available back in 2013. We've had a dozen requests already this winter.

Dr Toby Bridgeman developed the calculator. "It's been used by councils, housing associations, energy charities and community groups to help target services to support fuel poor residents," he said. "Feedback from users has been positive and we've been able to use this to tweak and improve the tool."

Take a look at this presentation for more information. It defines fuel poverty, explains what the calculator is, how it works and the limitations of the tool. This will help if you’re giving an overview of the calculator to others in your team.

We want you to be able to use this tool on a community scale, so it also contains a form you can print for householders to fill in, to help you collect the relevant information. And you can also use the tool to build up a database of people's fuel poverty status across your area.

If you’d like to use the new fuel poverty calculator, please get in touch with our communities team on and they'll send it over to you.

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