Mapping Bristol’s road to a smart-energy future

Sharing our work so far

14.00-17.00, 14 December, Bristol | Towards a Smart Energy City: mapping a path for Bristol

As part of our contribution to Bristol 2015 European Green Capital, CSE has taken the lead in a collaboration of public, private, voluntary and academic expertise to explore how Bristol can become a smart energy cityNow we’re holding a half-day event on the afternoon of 14 December to share what we’ve been up to.

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The ambitious and pioneering Bristol Smart Energy City Collaboration seeks to map out how, by 2020, Bristol could have a public-interest organisation that can manage and interpret local energy supply-and-demand data to bring multiple benefits to the people, services and businesses of the city.

No other UK city has approached this challenge in quite the same way. Instead of treating it as a principally technical matter, we have focused on developing in depth understanding of the full range of factors which will influence success (or failure).

These include the obvious: designing a smart energy system and getting our heads round the eye-watering amounts of data. But we’ve also examined what will be involved in negotiating a route through market rules and regulatory issues which currently tend to work against city-scale initiative. And we’ve considered the social and cultural influences which bear heavily on what can be achieved.

So how do we get there?

"Carefully preparing the ground is critical", said CSE's Chief Executive, Simon Roberts, who is the lead collaborator on BSECC. "So throughout the year we've been developing a road map outlining the steps which need to be taken to get Bristol to where we want to be in 2020. But we’ve always put our main focus on what needs to happen next year – what we call the ‘first next steps’"

We'll be sharing our initial road map at a free event on the afternoon of Monday 14 December 2015. For details and to register to attend, click here. We'll also explore how best to take the next steps, and consider the opportunities and challenges of city-scale action on smart energy for Bristol or any city in the UK.

Hope to see you there ...

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