Video: How to set your central heating

A new film on using a mechanical programmer

16 November 2015

How many of us can confidently set our central heating programmer/timer? Be honest, now!

Our Home Energy Team visits lots of people whose homes are too cold or too warm because they don’t know how to use their central heating controls. There are lot of reasons why: the controls aren't that straightforward; manuals have gone missing; or it simply seems easier to just turn the heating on and off and not bother with the timer at all.

But using heating controls properly can make people's homes more comfortable and cut heating bills. It can mean waking up, or returning to, a warm house and not wasting money heating an empty building. Which is why we've made this short (4-minute) film focussing on mechanical (e.g. non-digital) central heating programmers. 

The film covers how to set regular times for heating and hot water to come on and off, options for different heating patterns and some additional functions.

It’s the second in our new series of films to give practical advice on using home heating systems. Watch the first on using night storage heaters.

We're currently working on our next film: digital heating programmers.

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