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We have resources to support low carbon retrofit projects in buildings with multiple occupants

26 October 2015

Through Low Energy Apartment Futures (LEAF), we’re working to address barriers to retrofit in multi occupancy buildings, like blocks of flats and split houses.

The European project led by Changeworks has seen a lot of activity in the last month, culminating in the release of resources to support people in planning and implementing retrofits.

There are two toolkits, one covering the technical aspects of making low carbon improvements (working out what's appropriate, and what difference it will make) and one on engaging residents and stakeholders. They're both on the LEAF website:
Technical toolkit
Engagement Toolkit

We're keen to hear your feedback, so once you’ve had a look please let us know what you think via this short (3 question) survey.

Opportunities and barriers to retrofit

At a stakeholder meeting held in Bristol in early October, we heard valuable insights from people involved in the different stages of a retrofit. The key barriers (and opportunities for improvement) that were identified include:

  • the decision making process when deciding what to improve
  • supply chain response
  • long timescales needed to work with multiple stakeholders
  • frustrations of short term policies and changing subsidies

Feedback from the event and parallel events across Europe, along with findings from 24 case study buildings, and input from project partners, will help to shape a set of European and national policy recommendations to improve retrofit of multi occupancy buildings.

The policy recommendations report will be available in early 2016. In the meantime, we plan to submit a response to the consultation on the European Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) using lessons learned during the LEAF project.

If you have experiences or comments on the topic of multi occupancy retrofit that you would like to feed in to the overall project, or the EPBD consultation, get in touch with Bridget Newbery.

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