Health and Cold Homes conference, 23 September 2015

Download the workshop presentations here

24 September 2015

Close to 100 people gathered in the Bristol for a day to discuss how to prevent illness by reducing the number of cold homes in the UK; both national guidance and local implemention were on the agenda.

All the presentations from the conference (full title, Preventing Illness by Tackling Cold Homes: National Guidance, Local Implementation) are available from links at the foot of this page.

Our CEO, Simon Roberts, chaired the proceedings and said: "It was encouraging how frankly the speakers acknowledged the shortcomings of current action on cold homes to improve people’s health, and to hear their enthusiasm and suggestions for next steps."

Held in partnership with Public Health England, the event explored the national case for action to improve health outcomes by tackling cold homes. This is part of our efforts to make Bristol a national exemplar for delivering the recommendations of the latest NICE guidance, published last March, which calls for a new strategic approach at the local level. Read more about the project here.

Phillip Morris is leading CSE's work to link support organisations with the health service in Bristol. He said:

“It was immensely useful to have representatives from national health organisations, the government, council and local support services in the same room to share insights, advice and examples of successful efforts to prevent cold-related illness, and lower the winter burden on the health service.

“Feedback from the workshop has been overwhelmingly positive, with many people connecting in new and useful ways.”

For more of what was covered, download the speakers' slides as PDFs via the links below:

Why cold homes are an issue for the health service |  Dr David Pencheon, Director, Sustainable Development Unit, NHS England

Reducing the health impact of winter: the Cold Weather Plan | Dr Angie Bone, Head of Extreme Events and Health Protection, Public Health England

Tackling the health risks associated with cold homes: the new NICE guidance | Dr David Sloan, Chair of NICE Public Health Advisory Committee

Preventing Illness by Tackling Cold Homes: lessons from Bristol (so far) | Phillip Morris, PITCH Project Director, Centre for Sustainable Energy

Practice to replicate and challenges to overcome | John Kolm-Murray on Islington Council’s award-winning SHINE project | Anees Mank on Wigan Council’s AWARM project

Photos by Paul Groom

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