Bristol’s Healthy City Week, 10-18 October

Celebrating projects that take care of people and environment

15 September 2015

The health and wellbeing of Bristol’s citizens is closely intertwined with aspirations in the Green Capital to create a sustainable city – a future where people can live healthily, while at the same time protect, or even enhance, the health of the local and global environment.

As part of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership, a Health and Wellbeing action group has explored what a healthy and sustainable city might look like in practice. This has been summarised in a vision statement.

Healthy City Week (10-18 October) is a brand new initiative to raise awareness of this vision and the existing projects that are helping Bristol residents live well in harmony with their surroundings.

There are over 70 talks, workshops, activities and exhibitions scheduled over the nine days.

We'll be holding a workshop in Somali on keeping your home warm and healthy over winter. Get in touch with Kate for more information, or read more about our work with Bristol's Somali community here.

And look out for our Energy Champions who will be out and about in the city during the week.

In one way or another, most of CSE's work relates to improving well-being, whether this is helping people who are struggling to heat their homes, supporting community energy projects or investigating national policy that can help do both these things more effectively.

But recently we've undertaken a couple of pieces of work with a very specific health angle.

In our PITCH project (Preventing Illness by Tackling Cold Homes), we’re working with the local health sector to implement a system where patients at risk of cold-related illness are referred to the services that can help them to secure affordable warmth. These services might provide the advice and means to insulate homes, address fuel debt or maximise income.

Next week we're running a workshop in Bristol that will examine local examples of efforts to improve health outcomes by tackling cold homes. It's fully booked, but we'll be sharing what our impressive speakers have to say, so keep your ears pricked for updates.

And our recent work with the Royal United Hospital (RUH) in Bath is an example of where we're helping the health sector to "manage its resources to minimise its environmental impact” (as the Health and Wellbeing vision statement has it). The facilities team at the RUH engaged CSE to help shape an Environment Champions programme, and to design an online toolkit to support volunteer Champions to improve the environmental performance of their workplace.

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