Retrofit in multi occupancy buildings

Policy recommendations from our EU-funded project

10 September 2015

Our EU-funded Low Energy Apartments Futures project is now in its final stage of delivery and we are starting to pull together policy recommendations. We are addressing an important gap in delivering energy efficiency improvements in multiple-occupancy domestic properties, meeting national carbon reduction and fuel poverty targets whilst influencing policy on local, national and European scales.

The project (led by Changeworks in Scotland and co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union) addresses problems to do with making multi-occupancy buildings more energy efficient. It aims to overcome barriers to retrofitting these types of properties, such as the limitations of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and difficulties associated with buildings under multiple ownership.

Approaches have been tested on case study buildings across six European countries (Germany, France, Hungary, Austria, Sweden, UK), and two toolkits have been developed as a result to aid with the technical and engagement aspects of multi-occupancy retrofit. Lessons arising from the case studies, together with feedback from partner organisations and stakeholders will be used to shape policy recommendations.

Bristol workshop

With that in mind, CSE is organising an event in Bristol on 2 October – 'Energy efficiency retrofit in multi occupancy buildings'. Click here for details.

The event will look at current practice and research in the UK and other European countries that is relevant to energy efficient retrofit of multi occupancy buildings, with sessions on demand side, supply side, policy and case studies. There will be a chance to test out the toolkits, and attendees will participate in a workshop to share their experiences and help develop policy recommendations.

The project has it's own website at

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