Community Energy Q&A: 1pm on 8 September

Online to answer all your questions

26 August 2015

Get the how, where, when, why and who on community energy. Along with the team behind the new Community Energy Hub website (coming soon from the Energy Saving Trust), we are hosting a live web chat on the Just Act Forum – Tuesday 8 September, 1pm.

For an hour, members of Just Act can log on to ask questions about community energy and how they can get involved. Registration for Just Act is free and easy, and gives people access to a whole range of resources, blogs and information, as well as to the forum itself.

The Q&A session will take place at:

We hope to speak to lots of you then.

No need to worry if you can't make that time. The Q&A session will be available to read on the Just Act forum so you can still benefit from our tips and advice. And, as ever, you can reach us at

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