Energy crops in Europe

A booklet of case study examples

15 July 2015

As part of the Rokwood project, CSE has produced a booklet of biomass case studies – best practice examples of the sustainable production and use of woody energy crops from several European countries.

You can download the report here.

CSE’s Annette Lamley coordinated the publication with input from project partners. She stresses the importance of sharing knowledge and experience in this way:

“Though local factors influence the energy crop market from country to country, many would-be growers and end users face common challenges. We hope that by documenting and sharing this information, others can learn from the experiences set out, use this to improve the outcomes of their own projects, and in doing so, help steer the development of the SRP sector in the right direction.”

The 40 examples have been selected to cover every step in the biomass supply chain, from initial business planning to the distribution and use of the heat and power produced. They address some of the key barriers to development and help promote the innovation taking place within the sector.

Each case study gives a description of the project or activity, some background information, and discusses the successes, challenges, costs, benefits and lessons learned. Listed at the end are contact details or links to further information. This gives anyone interested in a particular project the opportunity to find out more, and possibly talk through a problem or idea with someone involved in similar activity.

The Rokwood website is at

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