Smart city plans

Bristol and other cities take a fresh look at their energy systems

15 July 2015

Work is gathering pace on the development of a ‘smart city plan’ for Bristol, and an online platform that facilitates other cities in making similar plans. This work is all part of STEEP – a project to develop a tried and tested methodology for cities to use when planning for a sustainable energy future. Based on a 'systems thinking' approach, a city's strategy should consider energy generation, distribution and use in all sectors independently and in relation to each other. You can read more about systems thinking here.

“STEEP is providing a great opportunity to help Bristol plan for a smart and sustainable future” says CSE’s Martin Holley, “The project has brought about some much-needed innovation in how we approach smart city planning and we hope its influence will stretch to other cities with similar aspirations.”

The two-year project is up in September. The last few months will see the Bristol team, along with partner cities Florence and San Sebastián, further developing their city plans ready for consultation. In Bristol’s case, the plan will be adopted within the context of the forthcoming Climate and Energy Security Framework (2016-2020) that Bristol City Council hope to present at the UN Climate Summit (COP21) in Paris this December.

The STEEP online tool, developed by CSE, is also being finalised and the team are testing its application as a platform to engage stakeholders in the plan-making process.

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