Energy Champions get-together

A force for sustainable energy in Bristol

18 May 2015

A small army is forming in Bristol. People from all over the city are signing-up to engage their friends and communities with energy saving, local renewable generation and tackling fuel poverty. With Green Capital funding, we hope to have over 100 recruits by the end of the year, with a representative from every neighbourhood to turn to for energy advice.

For Champions in the making...

Bristol now has over 50 registered Energy Champions. Next week there’ll be a meet at OVO Energy’s offices – a chance to get together with other Energy Champions, share ideas and find out what's going on around the city. Whilst there are lots of opportunities to work with groups in Bristol around energy issues, there’s plenty you can be getting on with on your own too.

Sophie Pritchard is the coordinator of Bristol Energy Network who is helping to coordinate the project. She says “We’d love to chat to you about our ideas, but more importantly, hear from you about what you’d like to do and perhaps even match people up to take projects forward together. It's your event – let us know what you'd like to get out of it!

Register here | 19 May | 6.30pm - 8.30pm | OVO Energy, Bristol BS1 6ED

New recruits

The meeting is also an opportunity for new Champions to sign-up. You don’t have to be someone who knows all about energy as there’ll be free training and support. A programme has been designed and is already underway, with repeat sessions throughout the year on ‘Energy Essentials’ and ‘Talking About Energy’. Details of upcoming training will be given at the meeting.

Need an Energy Champion?

If you run a sustainable energy project that would benefit from support from our Energy Champions please get in touch. Likewise, if you are an organisation that would like to do some work around energy, get in touch to see if the Champions could help you. For instance, this could include energy audits, energy saving initiatives and investigating renewable energy options for organisations of all types and sizes.

The ‘Energy’ page  on the Bristol Green Capital Partnership website is currently being updated with all the projects taking place for Bristol’s Green Capital year and beyond. Keep an eye on this to get a flavour for what Energy Champions can get involved with.

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