Support for prepayment customers

Help switching to credit or ‘smart’ meters

15 April 2015

With Comic Relief funding we are supporting prepayment meter (PPM) customers in Bristol, Weston-super-Mare and Bath to switch or better manage their payment system. And as part of the European Union USmart Consumer project, we can also offer advice on ‘smart’ prepayment meters.

Households with PPMs are often on the highest tariffs, and these meters can cause problems for those with reduced mobility who are unable to access top-up points. We’ve produced a 3-step toolkit on switching and can advise on how to do so without undergoing a credit check or having to pay a fee.

Prepayment meters can make it easier to stick to a budget. So, for households that prefer the pay-as-you-go option, we can advise on switching to ‘smart’ prepayment meters. These are modern gas and electricity meters designed to give you more information about your energy use and control over your bills. They will also offer payment online or by phone.

“We are encouraging anyone looking to switch to a credit or a prepayment meter to get in touch. Our advisors can guide people through the process of switching, and explain the benefits and potential holdups in more detail” says Kate Thomas, project manager at CSE.

Contact our Home Energy Team.

Coming soon...

We are running workshops for service providers and other relevant organisations so they are able to support clients on prepayment meters, particularly the new smart prepayment meters. There will be repeat sessions on the 4 and 16 June in Bristol. For more information and to book, see the event details.

Keep your eyes peeled for new factsheets on smart meters, smart pay as you go and getting the best from your in home display.

Image: Flickr, athriftymrs.comreproduced under a Creative Commons license.

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