Do 15 for 2015

Actions to make Bristol a happier and healthier city

7 April 2015

We're now well into Bristol’s year as European Green Capital and there has been a host of high profile public events – from a spectacular high wire stunt to the city's iconic Pero's Bridge shrouded in fog. But now the team at Bristol 2015 are challenging the city’s residents to create the talking points.

The Do 15 initiative launched today at the press of a big light-up, all singing (but not dancing) green button. It calls for Bristol residents to pledge to go “over and above what they currently do to make the city happier and healthier” explains Zoe Sear from Bristol 2015. Participants will select 15 things to do differently within the year, and beyond, to celebrate our time in the green spotlight. If everyone makes relatively small changes in their everyday lives it could have a huge cumulative impact.

The button will be out-and-about in Bristol so people can symbolically express their commitment. There is also a virtual equivalent available at The website lists 15 actions to get people started and many more will be added in the coming months.

The ‘Make a suggestion’ option allows people to contribute their own actions. These can range from simple (say, turning the tap off as you brush your teeth) to something more imaginative (and demanding) like attending a neighbourhood meeting to raise the topic of energy efficiency.

As a member organisation we had our brains picked for ideas (especially on energy) to be included as actions. Here are a few of the best we’ve committed to as individuals:

  • Simon has reduced the time his home central heating is on by 15 minutes each day.
  • Cat is going to fill in 15 draughty gaps in her house.
  • Tim will build a pond to encourage wildlife into his garden.
  • Kate will sow enough seeds to grow 15 types of vegetables.
  • Ruth is making internal insulated shutters for the windows of her cottage before the winter.

Follow #do15 on Twitter to see what others have been pledging.

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