Conference: Responsible Retrofit for Traditional Buildings

Identifying risks, managing unintended consequences and delivering real energy savings

27 March 2015

To tie in with our recent work on saving energy in heritage buildings, we’re supporting the National Trust and Sustainable Buildings Alliance’s conference on the responsible retrofit of traditional buildings.

Three CSE staff members are speaking at the event. Rachel Coxcoon will be sharing our guidance for householders and local authorities; Ian Preston is part of a panel looking at managing procurement, contracts and delivery; and Nick Banks will be participating on a session on behaviour change (this session is not yet in the programme but it is happening!).

About the conference

Wednesday 3 June | 9.00am – 5.30pm | At-Bristol Science Centre, Anchor Rd, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB 

Pre-1919 buildings make up one in five homes in the UK and represent nearly a third of the buildings in the private rental sector. Retrofit is an important part of lowering emissions and delivering energy savings but using modern materials and approaches on traditional buildings can actually decrease energy efficiency and cause severe damage over time. A one-size-fits-all approach could be counterproductive and lead to costly mistakes.

The Responsible Retrofit Conference is aimed at professionals from Local Authorities, Housing Associations and private landlords who are planning or delivering retrofit programmes. Collaborating with some of the UKs most experienced organisations and individuals, the event will also be useful for those who want to develop expertise and establish a practical support network.  

The conference programme covers identifying the risks and unintended consequences associated with the retrofit of traditional buildings and considers how these can be managed. Delegates will be equipped with the knowledge, practical resources and skills required to successfully and effectively carry out work on their traditional housing stock.

The morning will include presentations and discussion and the afternoon will comprise of training sessions and workshops.

Download the event flyer and programme.

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Relating to this, we have produced guidance on retofitting heritage homes in historic Bath. Warmer Bath, is a guide for conservation officers that brings together learning from consultations with the city’s various stakeholders such as preservation, conservation and green groups, developers and landowners, planners, young people and residents in general. It includes issues such as double glazing, ventilation, draft-proofing, insulation, heating systems and solar panels.

A further publication, this time targeted to homeowners, is the ‘Love your Old Home workbook’. This resource guides homeowners through a four-step process to find out what makes their home historically significant, and what that means for the energy efficiency improvements they could make.

Image: Flickr,, reproduced under a Creative Commons license.

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