Supplier commits to energy efficiency

We partner with Ovo Energy to advise customers on reducing their energy use

1 April 2015

Ovo Energy has a commitment to energy efficiency and actively encourages lower energy use by the households they supply. To further this commitment, the supplier has commissioned CSE to provide a bespoke energy advice service for its customers.

For full details see the project profile.

Ian Preston who is overseeing the project at CSE and says “It’s great to be working with an energy supplier that wants to provide a service to its customers with added value.

"Our advisors have encountered a wide variety of energy efficiency related challenges on the advice line and face-to-face on home visits. They can apply this experience to give tailored advice to Ovo customers, recommend appropriate efficiency measures and give households realistic estimates of savings and improvements in warmth and comfort.”

As part of the new service, CSE will train Ovo staff to identify clients in need of energy efficiency advice to be referred to our advice line for support. Vulnerable households that may need further assistance will be put in touch with other agencies or, where possible, supported through CSE’s other projects. This may include low-income households at risk of fuel poverty, or those with long-term health issues who rely on a constant energy supply.

To widen the reach of the project, a number of Ovo Energy staff will be given in depth training, enabling them to pass on their learning on energy efficiency and fuel poverty to all customer services advisors. The view for the future is that a cohort of Ovo ‘Energy Champions’ will have sufficient knowledge to deal with most energy efficiency topics in-house, passing on only more complex enquiries that require the significant knowledge of experienced CSE staff.

The service will provide an exemplar model of a partnership between an energy supplier and a leading third sector organisation, giving customers the best possible support to improve the warmth of their homes and cut energy bills.

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