What’s cooking in Kingsmeadow?

The Home Energy Team advise on slow cooked food

2 February 2015

Last Tuesday the Home Energy Team broadened its repertoire, sharing cooking tips alongside valuable energy advice. The slow cooker drop-in was a chance for local residents to learn about the benefits of slow cooked food (both delicious and energy smart), try the samples and enter a competition to win a slow cooker of their own.

“The slow cookers were the draw, but people really benefited from the other money and energy saving advice we could offer too” said CSE's Sonia Pruzinski.

The 10 attendees were well looked after. Two were supported to apply for the Warm Home Discount (a £140 rebate on their electricity bills) and another couple were assisted through our Affordable Energy project. This scheme is helping people move from a prepayment meter to a credit meter, allowing them to access a greater variety of tariffs and payment options.

Here are some of the advantages of slow cookers we shared:

  1. They use only a small amount of electricity, compared to your regular cooker, so you will save money
  2. Recipes are simple, and you don’t need to watch while the food cooks
  3. Preparation time is quick. You can do it in the morning, then when you get home later, your dinner is already ready!
  4. You can use cheaper ingredients and still make a tasty meal
  5. You can incorporate lots of healthy vegetables without your kids noticing

If you already own a slow cooker, try a few of the meals from our recipe booklet – free to download.

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