Home-energy advice leaflets in Somali

Broadening our work with Bristol communities

23 December 2014

CSE has produced a series of energy advice leaflets in Somali. The leaflets cover the issues most often faced by members of the Somali community in Bristol (and elsewhere in the UK), many of whom are refugees struggling on low incomes and in poor housing.

Habka looga hortagi karo qoyaanka, dhedada ama uumiga keena (Preventing damp and mould)
Cabirka korontada (Digital Economy 7 meters)
Dhaqaale 7 (Economy 7)
Ku kululeey aqalkaaga koranto (Heating your home with electricity)
Ka difaac Qabowga (Insulating your home)
Aqri cabirka korontada (Reading your meter)
Qeybta laga maamulo kuleyliyaha (Setting a central heating programme)
Talaabooyin muhiin u ah, hab isiticmaalka kuleeliyaha gaasta (Using your gas central heating)
10 talo oo Muhiim u ah korantada (Top 10 energy saving tips)

We hope that Somali communities outside Bristol find these leaflets useful. Please feel free to download and distribute them - and to let us know if there are problems with the translations.

CSE has worked with Bristol's Somali community for several years. Most Somalis are relative newcomers to the UK and many experience difficulties when it comes to ensuring their homes are adequately heated, insulated and ventilated, and also in dealing with energy companies. We are particularly fortunate in having Somalia-born Yusuf Salah on the team; without his language skills and understanding of the needs of the community, our work in this area would be immeasurably harder.

In the past 12 months we have also produced two Somali language videos (with English subtitles): 'How to pay for your gas and electricity' and 'How to avoid damp and mould'.

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