Green Open Homes Network seeks sponsor

Match-funding commitment from DECC up to £150,000

11 November 2014

The Green Open Homes network - one of CSE's most successful recent projects - is seeking a sponsor to match a commitment of new funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

For more information, download this submission document
See also the National Green Open Homes Network 2013-2014 summary report

The network supports low carbon open homes events by providing free materials, advice, and an online hub. Using these resources, local groups can prepare, run and publicise open homes at which householders can share the energy saving improvements they've made in their homes, such as solar panels, insulation, triple glazing or a new heating system, with interested visitors.

"This is peer-to-peer learning at its best" said CSE's Rachel Coxcoon who is overseeing the hunt for a sponsor.

CSE launched Green Open Homes was launched in 2013 with seed funding from DECC. And it has been a resounding success with more than 45 events across England, and 10,000 visitors attending more than 600 homes to date. The website received 20,210 visits and almost 100,000 separate page views.

"This movement is dynamic, and it’s growing," continued Rachel. "There is a proven appetite for events like this across the country, and Green Open Homes also benefits from a supportive relationship with our close partner, the National Trust.

"What we need now is a corporate partner who is interested in supporting the programme’s continued growth, for mutual benefit. We're seeking to combine our expertise with the marketing experience, commercial reach and financial backing of a company that people know and trust to take Green Open Homes to the next level."

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has pledged to provide up to £150,000 as a pound-for-pound match for the sponsor’s investment over the next 12 months.

To secure the right sponsor we are seeking tender submissions, which should be submitted by 28 November 2014. We aim to have secured a sponsorship deal by early January.

If you wish to speak to someone at CSE about this opportunity, please call Rachel Coxcoon or Ruth Cole on 0117 934 1400.

Check out the Green Open Homes website at

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