More opportunities to invest in renewable energy

Want a share in a wind or solar project?

27 October 2014

Two renewable energy companies with connections to CSE are currently providing opportunities for people to invest in their growing project portfolios and take a stake in a sustainable energy future.

Triodos Renewables Plc, whose board is chaired by CSE Chief Executive Simon Roberts, is raising £5 million from the public to add new wind power projects to its existing portfolio of 53MW of wind and hydropower projects around the UK. With a twenty year track record and a community of more than 5,000 existing individual shareholders, Triodos Renewables is one of the UK’s most ‘owned’ renewable energy companies. Promoted in partnership with crowd-funder Trillion Fund, the share offer has a minimum investment of just £50.16 (or 22 shares).  More information on this offer is available at

Meanwhile, Bath & West Community Energy (BWCE), chaired by CSE Trustee Pete Capener, is raising £1.6 million (minimum target £1 million) towards the development of  a 2.34MW solar array south of Bath. They are also launching an independent community fund to distribute surplus profits back into local projects that reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty.

Having just helped Low Carbon Gordano successfully raise £2.2 million towards a 1.8MW solar array near Avonmouth, BWCE are also now supporting Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy raise £2.7 million towards the cost of a 5MW solar array near Swindon. Surplus profits will be shared between local community projects and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

For more information on both BWCE projects see

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