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Our new energy switching site is live

20 October 2014

As winter approaches and people's minds turn to their energy bills again, we want to do all we can to encourage householders to check that they are getting good value for money from their energy supplier.

Many people who call our energy advice line with energy bill worries have never changed their energy supplier, or not for a long time. Suppliers tend to offer the best deals to new customers, and tend to put you onto a 'standard' (more expensive) tariff once your original fixed-term deal runs out, meaning that customers who don't bother to shop around or switch can be paying far more than they need to.

To help encourage our callers to shop around and switch, we have formed a partnership with energyhelpline to launch the site: www.energyhelpline.com/cse-switch. This enables us to explain the switching process to people at the same time as giving them a place to go to check their tariff.

To use the site, you need to know the name of your current supplier and tariff, and have an idea of the sort of amount you currently spend on energy.

Switching sites have been in the news recently due to claims that they can be misleading, because not every tariff can be bought through these sites or online. Our Home Energy Team is on hand to explain more and answer questions. And while we are talking to people about switching suppliers, we will also look into their other needs and give them the wider advice and support they need to keep warm at home and lower their bills - all in one package.

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