What happens on a home visit?

New short film explains how our Home Energy Team can help

17 October 2014

We have just produced a new short film explaining how our Home Energy Team can help people in Bristol and Somerset.

We put together this video with the help of TVE, the film-makers who crafted our Ashen Award video. Their crew came to the office a few weeks ago to interview our Senior Energy Advisor, Sonia, about her everyday work and the services that the Home Energy Team can offer.

One of the services we can offer to many people is a home visit. We particularly wanted to show people what this involves.

"Home visits are so valuable because they help us to really understand what's going on in a property," says Sonia in the video. It's also a great opportunity to demonstrate and explain how to use the specific heating controls that a person has, and to talk through things they could do to get better ventilation into their home and prevent mould from growing.

It's very effective to do these things in person, and for our energy advisors see what the problems really are inside a home. But the Home Energy Team can help in lots of other ways too, which we run through in the film. Watch it here!

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