Health sector recommended to address issue of cold homes

NICE sets out draft new guideline for consultation

11 June 2014

NICE – the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – has today (13 June) published draft guidance on tackling the health impacts of cold homes with a particular focus on the role to be played by the health and social care sectors.

The guidance, the first of its kind in the UK, is the result of months of careful consideration of available evidence and research by one of NICE’s Public Health Advisory Committees. CSE’s Chief Executive Simon Roberts is serving as a topic expert on the Committee which has drawn up the draft guidance.

Simon said:

“This is a really important step forward in integrating the work of health and social care sectors into wider efforts to tackle the annual cycle of misery, ill health and premature death which we know is linked to cold homes. It’s been fascinating being involved in the NICE process.  It’s very thorough and great care and expertise has gone into thinking about appropriate guidance and recommendations. This draft guideline is now open for consultation so that stakeholders can give us their thoughts to consider before the guideline is finalised.”

The draft guideline can be found here and is featured on the BBC News website.  People and organisations wishing to respond to the consultation on the draft will need to be registered as a stakeholder with NICE and then respond on the NICE form by 25 July.

Image: Ginny, Flickr, reproduced under Creative Commons

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