A bumper weekend for Green Open Homes

Visit a neighbour and see their home improvements

13 May 2014

This weekend (17-18 May) is a bumper weekend for Green Open Homes, with 17 events happening across England!

So, if you've got no weekend plans, why not see if there's an open home near you at www.greenopenhomes.net and pay a visit to an energy efficient house?

A Green Open Homes event is an opportunity to ask a neighbour about an energy saving improvement that they’ve made, and see if it might work for you. Visitors can find out about the reality of getting solar panels, insulation, triple glazing, or new heating options without talking to a salesman. They can ask the residents whether the installation was a hassle, and how much they’re really saving on their energy bills as a result. Plus, it's a great local day out and a way to meet some neighbours.

We kicked off the national Green Open Homes network last autumn, and we're really pleased by the number of local groups getting involved. We've helped nearly 20 new events to get off the ground with funding and support, and have seen regular event organisers get plugged into the network and the national website.

The general consensus from visitors to Green Open Homes so far seems to be: “I’ve got lots of information I can now use and I found everyone very friendly and approachable." People have been inspired, like the visitor to an event in Alton who said: “We’ve been looking into solar PV for a while but after seeing an example today and talking to the owner at length, we’ve decided to go ahead.” That's just what we want to hear!

Some of the events encorporate other energy saving activities. Exeter Community Energy, for example, are making this weekend "The Big Community Energy Weekend". To launch their community energy vision, they are running an open homes event alongside a public discussion on the IPCC report at Exeter University, an Energy Fair to find out more from experts, a presentation to the community about the group's proposed community solar project, and a party!

Meanwhile, the Carbon Co-op are running two Eco-Open Homes weekends in Greater Manchester where visitors can either drop in to the open homes, or take a tour of the properties on a big red London bus! The bus tour offers an opportunity for visitors to chat to each other and the organisers about what they've seen and their ideas for saving energy.

There are lots of other events going on, so find out if there's one near you this weekend, or in the coming weeks: www.greenopenhomes.net.

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