What difference might Time-of-Use tariffs make?

CSE analyses electricity usage data to find out

23 April 2014

We've just completed a study for Ofgem looking into the daily patterns of people's electricity use.

Time-of-Use (ToU) tariffs are likely to become widespread when smart meters are rolled out. Householders will be able to see when they are using more or less electricity, and energy suppliers will be able to monitor this, meaning that tariffs offering a discounted rate for off-peak periods might become more attractive.

Our analysis use half-hourly data to identify some typical electricity use patterns, and analysed the potential impact of ToU tariffs on householders' electricity bills.

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Joshua Thumim, who headed up the analysis, said: "The techniques we used here could be extended to much larger data samples, offering opportunities to support regulatory and policy development work in the domestic electricity arena."

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