European biomass project meets in Bristol

CSE hosts a gathering for the international research team

4 February 2014

Last Tuesday to Thursday, CSE played host to an international gathering - a meet-up for all the research teams involved in the ROKWOOD project.

ROKWOOD is a three-year study being conducted by a number of UK and European partners looking at the sustainable production and use of woody energy crops. The aim is to better understand the obstacles and barriers that face the energy crops sector and propose policy options that could help the industry gain momentum across Europe. There are six research-driven clusters from different European countries; the UK cluster is made up of CSE, Dorset County Council and Crops for Energy Ltd.

Last week's meeting was the third gathering of the project partners, and the UK's turn to host. We welcomed the partners to Bristol. The meeting included an evening seminar, when the ROKWOOD partners were able to meet some key stakeholders and policy makers from the South West of England. It was an opportunity to invite these officials to work closely with ROKWOOD in developing an evidenced-based set of policy briefs to promote the energy crops industry in the region and the UK as a whole.

The seminar was chaired by CSE’s Chief Executive Simon Roberts, and Bristol's mayor, George Ferguson, welcomed the project partners, speaking about his vision for Bristol and the local relevance of the project.

The research teams also took a field trip, spending a cold but informative day visiting several sites near Bristol where they could see the multiple benefits of energy crops in action.

Visit the ROKWOOD website to find out more about the project:

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