The Warm Homes Discount

CSE helps over 100 tenants apply

17 January 2014

This week, our Home Energy Team advisors convened a meeting of Bristol City Council tenants to tell them about the Warm Homes Discount and help people apply.

The Warm Homes discount is a £135 rebate on your electricity bill, which all the ‘big six’ energy companies (and some of the smaller suppliers) offer. It's available to people who receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, who should receive the rebate automatically. But most suppliers also offer the discount to a broader group of customers, who receive other benefits - and these people have to proactively apply.

This means that many people who are struggling to pay their energy bills may be eligible for the discount without realising it. We ran this session with Bristol City Council to alert people to the scheme and help them contact their supplier.

After the council invited their Barton Hill tenants by text message, a huge number of people arrived at the meeting, and the team had to ask the CSE office to send in backup! It was another stark indicator of how worried people are about the price of energy.

We took CSE's laptops down to the meeting so that we could help people apply online there and then - and we helped over 100 council tenants to fill out an application, almost all of whom are likely to be eligible. That's over £13,000 off electricity bills for some of Bristol's most vulnerable residents, and a little bit of progress made against fuel poverty.

CSE is currently running a special service for Bristol Council Tenants. Funded by Bristol City Council, we're offering an enhanced service from our Home Energy Team, including phone advice, home visits, training on how to use heating systems, etc. We call it 'Bristol TEA' - Bristol Tenants Energy Advice.

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