Off-gas postcodes

UPDATE: This page is from January 2014.

If you're looking for off-gas postcodes, please click here to go to an updated page with the most recent data.

Or, just click to download the 2017 off-gas postcodes dataset.

CSE has published a complete list of Great Britain postcodes that are not connected to the mains gas grid, up-to-date for 2013. We've also added the census area and the co-ordinates of the centre of each postcode on the list.

The households in these areas do not have access to mains gas for heating or cooking, and are likely to be reliant upon more expensive forms of heating.

Download the list here (Excel 2007, 22MB)

NB There are 412,696 postcodes in this dataset. Please be aware that conversion to other file formats such as .xls may result in loss of data, because not all spreadsheets support a sufficient number of rows. After conversion, check the number of records before proceeding to use the data.

Zoe Redgrove of CSE's Research & Analysis unit said: "We're always being approached by people asking us for this information. Until now the data we had was almost ten years old so it's good to be able to provide an up-to-date resource."

"The data has one obvious flaw," warns Zoe, "which is that it only shows postcodes with absolutely no gas connection, domestic or non-domestic. That means that postcodes where no homes are on gas, but one business is on gas, will not be included in the list. There's a note on the spreadsheet to alert people to this fact."

We produced this data using Xoserve's list of off-gas postcodes, which was released late last year and is downloadable here.

This report from DECC's Energy Trends special feature articles, December 2013, has more information about the Xoserve data. It also contains information about DECC's estimates of off-gas households at LSOA level and an analysis of characteristics of properties without gas meters.

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