CSE goes back to school

Sixth form lessons on ’renewables in the rural landscape’

13 December 2013

“Overall, I was very impressed by the materials provided, and also very impressed by Morgan. I definitely learnt a lot myself, which was great! She was great with the pupils and organised. If you ever have any other sessions you wish to try out, you are always welcome at Wadham!"

“Many thanks for organising and running the presentation today, it was absolutely brilliant! What a fantastic model! It was just what was needed to get the students enthused.”

This is feedback from a couple of the sixth form sessions that CSE’s Morgan Kuivala delivered at schools in Somerset, as part of the Ernest Cook-funded project ‘Renewables in the rural landscape’.

Through the project, CSE has developed resources for school teachers so that they can deliver classes on renewable energy for sixth formers. The classes cover:

  1. Renewable energy basics
  2. Assessing renewable energy options
  3. The impacts of large structures on the landscape
  4. A renewable energy scenario, where students are grouped into the ‘pros’, the ‘antis’ and ‘the planners’ – this gives them an idea about how the planning system deals with renewable energy developments, and encourages them to think through and debate the different issues.

The resources form an educational supplement to our PlanLoCaL suite of resources.

Morgan tested the resources in four schools across Somerset, and took our engaging PlanLoCaL scale model with her. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and some of the schools are looking to use the broader suite of PlanLoCaL resources in their future classes on sustainable energy.

Update: 28.02.14

We’ve made a few improvements to the resources in response to the feedback we’ve had, and you can now download them for free from the education section of The Source.

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