PlanLoCaL trumps the competition

An award and a new game for our community energy toolkit

22 November 2013

CSE was pleased to pick up an award on Thursday night. Our resource pack for community groups, 'PlanLoCaL: energy efficiency and the Green Deal' won the 'Sustainability Communicator' prize at the ENDS Green Economy Awards.

It's a comprehensive guide to planning, setting up and running a community energy efficiency scheme, including how groups could engage with Green Deal on a community scale. You can access the resources online here.

Bridget Newbery, the PlanLoCaL project manager, went to pick up the award for us. She said:

"I am totally delighted that the hard work that so many of us at CSE put into this resource has been recognised. Hopefully this will encourage more people to use the material we produced."

The PlanLoCaL energy efficiency pack is made up of expert advice, technical guidance, short films, case studies from other groups, and tools and activities to help groups get the rest of their community on board with the idea of a local energy efficiency project.

We've just updated one of these activities. 'Top energy savers' is a top trumps-style game which you can play at a community engagement event or workshop. Each type of energy efficiency improvement (like loft insulation, draught-proofing or solar PV panels) has its own playing card with a rating for average bill savings, disruption and cost, and players compete to trump each other with their cards.

It’s a great way to introduce people to different types of energy efficiency improvements, subtly educating them about their costs and benefits, and might even get them to think about what would work in their own home. Check it out here or browse the PlanLoCaL website at

Winner of the ENDS Green Economy 'Sustainability partnership' award went to The Co-operative Group for The Community Energy Coalition. Part of this initiative was the Community Energy Challenge with CSE managed on behalf of the Co-operative Group.

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