Green Open Homes launches with a competition

Groups can win up to £20,000 funding for their event

10 September 2013

Green Open Homes is a new national network that we’re running with Bristol Green Doors to support low carbon open homes events across the country. The network offers resources, advice and a new online hub at to help local groups and organisations prepare, run and publicise events that show off home energy saving improvements in their communities.

We’ve launched a competition today for groups anywhere in England who want to run a green open homes event in their neighbourhood. You could win funding worth £500 to £20,000 along with expert advice and support for your event.

Find out more and apply at:

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said:

“The Coalition is committed to helping hard-pressed families with the rising cost of living. This includes going further than any Government before in supporting consumers to make affordable energy saving improvements through the Green Deal and other initiatives. I am delighted the national Green Open Homes network is open for business. Open home events are an excellent way of showcasing just how good energy saving improvements can look and feel, not to mention the savings they can provide on energy bills.

“The new competition being launched by Green Open Homes provides a real incentive for running an open homes event – there’s up to £20,000 available per group. So I’d encourage people to get involved.”

Read CSE's Bridget Newbery's 'Five good reasons to run an open homes event' on the DECC blog.

Funding will be allocated to winning entries from a pot on a first come first served basis, and events need to take place before the end of May 2014. The application deadline for the first funding round is 30 September, but don’t worry if you need a bit longer to apply - we’ll announce another round of winners on 20 December.

The online hub will be up and running in its fully-functioning form at the end of September. Any group running a green open homes event will be able to create their own page on the site where they can list all the details and information that visitors will need, including using our mapping facility to record each individual home taking part.

This should be very handy for groups who don’t want the hassle and expense of creating their own website, and it also means that their event is listed in the national, searchable Green Open Homes directory.

Green Open Homes: the roadshow
As part of the newly launched Green Open Homes network CSE staff are hitting the road to show communities across England the benefits of running an open homes event. We're at Newcastle (Tues 15 Oct), Leeds (Weds 16 Oct), Stoke-on-Trent (Thurs 24 Oct) and London (w/b 28 Oct). For links to booking site and event fliers, click here.

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