New video guides for community energy projects

Animated films on community energy efficiency and Green Deal

31 July 2013

CSE has just launched a new series of animated 'how-to' videos over on

This batch of short films accompanies our PlanLoCaL: energy efficiency and the Green Deal resources. They're here to provide expert guidance, explanation and inspiration for community groups who want to encourage energy efficiency in their neighbourhood, and/or help their area to engage with the Green Deal. The set includes some case studies too, so you can learn from the experiences of other groups.

Enjoy the show at

As a taster, here is one of the new videos on a topic every community project needs at some point: 'How to keep your community group going strong'.

You can also view these films, along with a bunch of other videos we've produced, on our YouTube channel: So you can embed them in your own websites if you really like them!

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