Secretary of State, Edward Davey, in visit to CSE’s offices

Also checks out Bristol Home Energy Upgrade success

8 April 2013

Edward Davey, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, dropped into CSE's offices in Bristol this afternoon (Monday, 8 April).

Among the subjects he discussed with CSE's chief executive Simon Roberts was Our Green Deal in Somerset, a project we are running in partnership with local authorities around Somerset, funded by Mr Davey's department, DECC. The aim of the initiative is to get the Green Deal ball well and truly rolling in Somerset, and you can read more about it here.

In the picture below Simon and Mr Davey can be seen discussing the design of phase 2 of the project website. Phase 1 of the site is already live at

Earlier that day Simon accompanied Mr Davey and Bristol’s elected mayor, George Ferguson on a visit to one of the homes that has undertaken solid wall insulation through the Bristol Home Energy Upgrade. This was a DECC funded project that CSE managed in partnership with Bristol City Council that tested the process of the Green Deal. You can read more about the Bristol Home Energy Upgrade here.

The Secretary of State and Mayor also attended a briefing at Bristol’s City Hall on the City Council’s plans for a major city-wide energy saving programme. CSE's Janine Michael and Phillip Morris gave short presentations on the Bristol Switch & Save collective purchasing initiative and the learning we’ve been sharing with DECC from the Bristol Home Energy Upgrade.

Mr Davey praised Bristol for blazing a trail for solid wall insulation and other low-carbon home improvements: "I'm really impressed by the city's commitment to the Green Deal and the green economy. I've been with the mayor and others who are leading the way here in Bristol and [seen how] people are getting their homes Green Dealed now, even with solid wall insulation."

The Bristol Home Energy Upgrade was designed to build up interest in the Green Deal and the supply chain and skills on which it depends.

More details and pictures of this to come, but in the meantime click here for more, including a (very) short video clip.

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