Sustainable energy from woody crops

CSE embarks upon 3-year European study

22 March 2013

CSE has recently embarked upon an ambitious 3-year study alongside a number of UK and European partners looking at the sustainable production and use of woody energy crops.

The ROKWOOD study will research aspects of the development, implementation, monitoring and utilisation of short rotation coppice (SRC), also known as short rotation plantations (SRPs), for the regional production of wooden biomass.

By gathering and reviewing shared experiences and best practice, one of the key outputs from the project will be a Joint Action Plan that partners can take forward within their countries to boost energy crop production. This will address the technical barriers to the use of wooden biomass (e.g. the technologies needed for harvesting and drying), along with funding opportunities for the development of innovative products and services, a series of policy briefs for local and regional authorities, and a range of dissemination materials and activities.

ROKWOOD is funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme under the theme of ‘Transnational cooperation between regional research-driven clusters’, and involves 20 partner organisations across six countries. Each country is represented by a regional cluster of organisations comprising a relevant research body, business entity and local authority. The UK’s input is focussed on the South West, coordinated by CSE, Crops for Energy Ltd and Dorset County Council.

Check out the ROKWOOD website at

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