Helping a city switch energy supplier

CSE to help Bristol collectively ’switch and save’

31 January 2013

CSE has won funding from the Government to develop a new group energy buying scheme for Bristol households.

'Bristol Switch & Save' gives households across the city the chance to join together get a better deal on their gas and electricity supply. We will then negotiate a collective deal from the energy market on their behalf.

Working with partners Bristol City Council, Bristol Credit Union and Bristol Pound, we will be trying to reach households who haven’t switched energy supplier for some time (if ever), don’t commonly use comparison websites and/or are confused about their options for buying energy.

The scheme will be launched by the Mayor of Bristol on 21 February.

We will particularly target those most in need of help with their energy bills: poorer households unable to afford to heat their homes to a healthy level and people using prepayment meters which typically have the highest tariffs.

"If hundreds, or even thousands, of people get together, they can get the energy companies to listen and get a better deal on their electricity and gas bills", said CSE's Janine Michael.

"And money saved on energy bills can be spent in Bristol, meaning that Bristol Switch & Save helps both individuals and the city itself."

Along with helping customers switch to a better deal, we will be exploring the potential for offering a green energy option that boosts the local economy by enabling people to pay their bills in the city’s new local currency, the Bristol Pound.

Householders( and small businesses on a domestic tariff) will be able to register by phone or by post or on a campaign website: (goes live in the week of the launch).

Bristol Switch & Save will be promoted widely across the city, and on Twitter using the hashtag #BristolSwitch

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