New toolkit to help local communities get the most out of the Green Deal

Re-design of

21 January 2013

The team at CSE has been working hard to update our PlanLoCaL resource for the launch of the Green Deal.

We want to see community groups taking the lead in promoting the Green Deal within their own neighbourhoods, enabling people to access loans for energy efficiency improvements, reducing carbon emissions and improving quality of life in their own neighbourhoods. So, we've launched a whole new PlanLoCaL resource pack and have overhauled the website to bring it all together.

Below, CSE chief executive Simon Roberts explains why we’ve developed the PlanLoCaL programme and how to use the new website.

 The first PlanLoCaL pack equipped community groups to start up renewable energy projects - this new part of the resource provides all the expert advice they need to start up an energy efficiency initiative in their neighbourhood, and encourage their community to get involved in the Green Deal.

Eighty-eight new resources have been added including information sheets, exercises, advice leaflets, games, case studies, short films and presentations. Here's just a few of them:

  • How the Green Deal works, financially and practically (example)
  • Which energy efficiency measures would be most suitable for the houses in your neighbourhood (example)
  • How to get the local community on board, and get people to sign up for energy efficiency improvements (example)
  • Working with local businesses, installers, volunteers and organisations (example)
  • Planning permission and Community Rights (example)

Have a look at the new site where you can find all the resources available from both PlanLoCaL packs:

Amongst the how-to videos on the website, there are some case studies from community groups who have already run energy efficiency schemes. One of the community projects featured in the video is 'Tackling the Terrace', a solid-wall insulation installation across the back of four Victorian townhouses (below). This was undertaken by Bristol Green Doors, a Community Interest Company.

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