Thirty-eight community groups delivering low carbon heating

Groups ready to help their neighbours

13 December 2012

Community groups have been bidding for a share of £8million so that they can help householders in their area to install low carbon heating like solar thermal panels, biomass boilers and heat pumps. Thirty-eight of them are now ready for action.

The Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) Communities Scheme is funded by DECC, and run by the Energy Saving Trust.

CSE led a consortium involving Marches Energy Agency, Severn Wye Energy Agency, Changeworks and independent facilitator Nick Weir to support groups during the development stage of their applications. Forty-three groups reached this stage and were invited to a series of workshops that were held across the country to provide support on developing a delivery plan for their projects.

Collaboration between groups was encouraged in order to try and get as many projects through to the delivery stage as possible. An online forum for group members was created where they could pose questions to the support team and also share their experiences of going through the development process with one another.

On 3 December, it was announced that 38 groups had made successful applications to reach the delivery stage of the RHPP Community Scheme. These groups will now be helping householders who have signed up with them to get them in touch with installers so they can get their chosen technology installed.

Project manager, CSE’s James Ryle reports: “All of the groups that CSE and the support team worked with during this stage really rose to the challenge of the project and it’s encouraging to see so many groups through to the delivery stage. The feedback has shown that the groups appreciated the collaborative nature of the development process, both through the workshops and online. We hope this will give them the best opportunity to deliver a successful project.”

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