CSE to distribute 1,000 OWLs to fuel poor households

Home visits will help people engage with energy monitors

5 November 2012

Around 1,200 households facing winter in a state of fuel poverty will receive free energy monitors in the coming weeks, along with face-to-face home energy advice.

This is thanks to a project, run by CSE in partnership with funders Western Power Distribution (WPD) which kicks of this week.

CSE and other partner organisations will deliver clip-on electricity monitors – specifically the latest OWL model (not the one in the picture below) – during home visits to selected households across the South West of England, the Midlands and South Wales.

Energy monitors can help households reduce their electricity use, but they do require people to engage with them.

CSE’s Kate Thomas is managing the project. “What we're not going to do is bung an energy monitor at people and leave it at that. Our trained energy advisors will set the OWL up, explain how it works and give the householders a quick demo.

"We'll encourage people to experiment with the OWL – to have a play with it, really – and by doing this get to understand their energy use better.

"Yes, home visits take time, but we're convinced that the face-to-face will get results."

A 90-second video to support this initiative is being produced by Knowle West Media Centre, and we'll post this on our website shortly.

You can read more about this project, and who CSE are working with here

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