CSE seminar ’Community energy for landowners’

NT and other big landowners at event in Birmingham

31 October 2012

CSE's 'Community Energy for Landowners' seminar on 18 October in Birmingham lived up to its promise to explore the challenges and opportunities arising from the growth of community based sustainable energy schemes.

The seminar was aimed at landowning organisations with an interest in promoting community energy, whether as part of their social responsibility or climate reduction targets.

Insightful presentations were given by Keith Jones, an environmental advisor for the National Trust, and John Spencer from Sustainable Oakenshaw, a Cooperative Community Energy Challenge group which is currently working with farmers to find a suitable site for a wind power project. Some lively group discussion followed.

CSE's James Ryle said "The fact that we had representatives from the National Trust, the Crown Estate and the Forestry Commission present, suggests that the country's leading landowning organisations understand the potential of community energy".

Below are three films showing examples of successful community energy projects undertaken with the support of different landowners. They focus of woodland management for biomass, hydro and wind power. The films were made by CSE for our PlanLoCaL project:


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