Tap into The Source for community energy support

New website offers a selection of the best tools and guides

13 June 2012

For many groups thinking about a community energy project, whether installing a renewable energy technology or developing an energy efficiency scheme, it can be hard to know where to begin – or indeed where to turn when you need help.

The Source is a new website from CSE which aims to go some way to solving that problem by bringing together all of our favourite guides and tools into one easy-to-navigate website.

The site  is a simple access point for community groups to download what we think are the best available information, guidance, toolkits and resources  to help them develop, set up, manage, and run their own energy projects.

“It’s intended to be a source of inspiration to groups,” explained Rachel Coxcoon, CSE’s Head of Local and Community Empowerment. “There’s lots of information out there – some good, some not so good. Our aim was to use our knowledge and experience of working with communities on energy projects to bring together all of the best stuff into one place.

“We’ve listed the tools or guides which we tend to use in our work with communities. It’s not about who’s produced them – everyone is credited – but about how well the resources meet the needs of the community groups who use them.”

The site contains more than 100 resources, and is split into seven categories containing a selection of exercises, films, leaflets, toolkits, websites and written guidance:
1.    Understanding and influencing the planning system
2.    Consulting and involving the community
3.    Managing projects, finances and legal issues
4.    Using less energy
5.    Generating your own energy
6.    Case studies
7.    Other websites

“The Source is intended to be an evolving website and we want to ensure it always offers the best and most up-to-date – if you know of something that’s better or more accurate than what we’ve got up there already, let us know and we’ll have a look and update the site,” Rachel added.

Visit The Source at www.cse.org.uk/thesource

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