Boost for CSE’s two main home insulation schemes

Loft and cavity wall insulation now free in Bristol & Somerset

1 May 2012

CSE's two main home insulation schemes, the Bristol Energy Efficiency Scheme and Warm Streets, which operates in Somerset, now offer free home-insulation for everybody.

"This is terrific news for householders," said Paul Winney, a senior energy advisor at CSE. "Previously, a whole raft of eligibility factors – such as income level or savings – got in the way of promoting the benefits of insulating your home.

"But now the message is simple and clear: if you own your home or you privately rent, you qualify."

Get in touch
If you live in Bristol or Somerset and are interested in free cavity wall or loft insulation, get in touch by emailing or by calling CSE's Home Energy team free on 0800 082 2234.

Read more about the Bristol Energy Efficiency Scheme (BEES) here.

Read more about Warm Streets here.

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