Launch of the National Heat Map

New web-based tool to support low-carbon energy projects

28 March 2012

A new web application, developed by CSE to support the planning and deployment of local, low-carbon energy projects in England, has been launched by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The National Heat Map is a free and publicly accessible resource providing high-resolution maps of heat demand across England.

It aims to help local authorities, community groups and other users identify locations where heat distribution projects are most likely to make a difference – by cutting carbon emissions and reducing heating costs.

The heat map is based on modelled estimates of annual heat demand at every address in England, and is extremely detailed as a result.

This detail allows users to investigate energy use patterns at the level of individual buildings and streets: exactly what’s needed to support the development of local, low-carbon decentralised energy projects across the country.

Once a potential opportunity has been identified using the heat map, the next step is to approach local stakeholders to develop interest in the project, and to obtain directly metered heat demand data for use in a feasibility study.

“The National Heat Map represents a big step forward in the use of the web to provide intelligence and support for the development of local energy projects," said Joshua Thumim, CSE’s Head of Research and Analysis.

"It combines a very detailed geographic model of energy use with a range of user-friendly visualisation and reporting tools, providing sophisticated GIS functionality to non-technical users via a standard web-browser. We think it’s the future of energy mapping.”

The uniqueness of the National Heat Map lies in its detailed address-level modelling of demand data and the tools for analysing this.

Launch the National Heat Map here. (The URL is and it requires Internet Explorer 7 or higher. Firefox, Chrome and Safari are recommended.)

The user guide is available to download here.

Read the main project profile here, or Decc's account of it  here.

The Guardian featured the National Heat Map in its Datablog.

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