Making a statement about dealing with energy

Training supports planning community in Yorks and Humber

1 March 2012

With local authorities across the UK increasingly seeking an ‘energy statement’ to accompany all new planning applications, many planners and development management are struggling to get to grips with this new very technical aspect of their work.

However, a group of planners across Yorkshire and Humber are now better equipped to do the job, after undertaking a CSE-led training session.

More and more, local plans and local development frameworks are demanding energy statements alongside a planning application to describe how the proposals meet the required standards of the relevant planning policies for addressing climate change issues. And the technical nature of the statements means that it’s an area in which planning officers and those involved in the planning application process require support.

CSE’s Martin Holley led the event. “We ran a half-day session for around 20 officers from the region, with the aim being that those attending would be able to disseminate the learning from the event around their office.”

The training came about after CSE was commissioned to assess an energy statement submitted to Wakefield Metropolitan Council, in which the applicant was unable to comply with Wakefield’s Policy on renewable energy and proposed an alternative solution through implementing energy efficiency measures. The training used this example as a case study.

“As well as reviewing the lessons learned from other local authorities in implementing the ‘Merton Rule’-type policies on renewable energy, the session provided them with a good technical understanding of the typical assumptions and calculations used in energy statements,” Martin explained. “Hopefully officers in the region will now be better qualified to deal with this increasingly important part of their job and as a result provide clearer advice and support to those submitting planning applications,” he added.

If you would like to find out more about the training CSE offers to local authorities and the planning community, visit here.

Photo: by kaysgeog, reproduced under creative commons

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